Design trends in africa

Design Trends in Africa

Design trends are constantly changing. Here are a few interior and architecture trends that we’ve noticed, specifically for the African continent.

Africa is fast becoming a pioneer in architecture, design and art. We have a unique focus and perception on our home design. We have noticed a few key trends that are starting to influence design throughout our beloved continent.

Geometric Shapes and Lines: External

Geometric structure has always played an important role in architecture and design. The satisfying precision of different shapes and lines coming together is a core focus for design professionals. When we’re looking at a home externally, designers include specific focal points and experiential moments within the architecture itself. This allows for practical, and beautiful, solutions for complex design challenges.

Residential developments are not just designed as one shape anymore, architects and designers are playing with different volumes. The double volume design adds character and drama to the home which allows each space to become an experience in itself. High ceilings and walls add to the luxury.

Geometric Shapes and Lines: Internal

Within the interior of the home, one can experiment with geometric shapes in the form of wallpapers, tiling and even carpets. This can lead to dynamic spaces – with interesting movement and character. Don’t forget to consider placement and angles of décor. This will assist in creating a space that radiates flow, freshness and modernity.

Extravagant ‘Accessories’

Every homeowner desires a statement piece that becomes a talking point in their home design. This is even more true with the African market, as we are seeing introductions of extremely unique accessories.

Whether it is a water feature, a suspended bridge, an extra-long infinity pool or large sculptures – luxury homes throughout the continent are finding fascinating ways to incorporate cutting edge architectural aspects into their home.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

We’ve seen an increase in biophilic design over the last few years, which is really just an impressive way of saying that people are really loving having a lot of plants in their home. Having more plants and nature inspired elements indoors is actually incredibly good for our general wellbeing! They clean our air and generally make us feel calmer.

Homeowners include internal and external courtyards which allows them to see natural greenery throughout their home. We are seeing more and more central home gardens, enclosed in glass.

With design trends constantly evolving there are always new hybrids and influences from all over the world. We pride ourselves on being able to keep up with the latest design trends by having the technical abilities to achieve them.


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