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There are many good reasons for choosing Miele. Since the company was founded in 1899, Miele has remained true to its “Immer Besser” brand promise. This means that Miele will do all that they can to be “Forever Better” than their competitors and what they already are. For Miele customers, this means peace of mind knowing that choosing Miele is a good decision – and probably the decision of a lifetime!

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Gaggenau Appliance Partner


Since 1683, Gaggenau – the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances – has evolved from crafting metal in a forge in the Black Forest to engineering perfection for the private kitchen. Known for German engineering and craftsmanship, Gaggenau is far more than a brand. It is a culture.

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Siemens Appliance Partner


Siemens Home Appliances delivers a captivating product experience. The Siemens name is synonymous with the unexpected, new and exhilarating opportunities that present themselves in life.

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