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Kitchen Ideas for 2021

Spotlight Joinery looks at some of our favourite living spaces in modern home design.

Here are our top ideas to take into consideration when designing your dream kitchen in 2021. Most of these kitchen trends have the ability to be carried and complimented through the rest of your home design – an added bonus!


Wood Finishes

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Wood will be the hero material of bespoke kitchens this year. A timber finish continues to establish itself in various local joinery elements due to the simplicity and warmth that it transmits. It adds a sense of personalisation due the unique flames, colour shades and even minor imperfections that contribute to its sense of character.

Timber is classic material, providing a natural beauty that brings the spirit of the outdoors in your home. Whether it is used for countertops, kitchen cabinets or shelving – it is a functional yet cultured choice that will stand the test of time.


Metallic Elements

Torquay Avenue | Spotlight Joinery

From timid and light to bold and bright, bringing metallic elements into your kitchen design has the ability to liven the space. Taps, sinks and other sanitaryware are now available in a variety of metallic finishes that are able to suit all kitchen styles. The variety in sanitaryware design, colour and style provide an extra opportunity of expression in the space.

Metal finishes in your kitchen can be carried through to other ‘accessories’ in the space such as lighting and décor. This is an effective way to tie the style together.


Utility Rooms

Additional spaces, separated from the main kitchen, provide the ideal setup in which to store everyday essentials. Whether this is considered a ‘boot room’, a ‘mud room’ or ‘pantry’, Spotlight Joinery is getting more and more requests for these types of rooms.

It avoids ‘clutter’ around a family, and heavily-used area of the home while providing ample storage space, if designed correctly.


Mixing Materials

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The trick when mixing materials in kitchen design, is to make sure that each material serves its purpose in supporting another. Combining metals, marble and timber may be a risk but proper joinery professionals will be able to ensure the perfect balance.

The different materials effectively create different zones in the room, which assists in the practicality of each ‘station’ while visually creating a sense of harmony.


Double Islands

Double Island | Spotlight Joinery

All kitchen design experts know that we have almost completely moved over to open-plan living. A high-quality kitchen island is an essential feature for food preparation and entertainment in your open home. The latest luxury kitchen addition is a pair of islands.

A double kitchen island is an expansive statement. It allows for creative seating areas while separating ‘work’ (appliances such as dishwasher, washing machines etc) and ‘play’ (eating and entertainment) areas.

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