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The Best Kitchen Design Ideas if You Live in South Africa

Living in South Africa entails entertaining guests on the weekends, watching sport with friends and most importantly braaing! Read on to find out our top kitchen design ideas for designing a kitchen for your South African home.

As South Africans, we are famous for our celebrations- we love a good braai and having friends over to watch sport or gathering the family together. With this in mind, our homes are often designed around this with open plan living and easy access to outdoor entertainment spaces becoming an increasing trend. We have put together a short list of ways to design your kitchen space to be in line with a South African lifestyle.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Your South African Home

Open Plan Design

Open plan design is a term used in architecture and interior design that refers to a floor plan that makes the most out of large and open spaces by minimising the use of enclosed rooms. In the South African context, we love opening the space from the kitchen to the living and entertainment areas. This allows us to create different gathering points while still being all together which is perfect when guests come around!

Keep it Tidy

We’ve all been there- you’re cooking and baking until the last minute when the doorbell rings and your guests are arriving. Clearing all the mess can sometimes be a magic trick with kitchen mixers, pots and pans being strategically hidden away. A butler’s pantry is perfect for this! It also allows you to entertain and spend time with your guests without having to worry about cleaning platters and dishes while everyone is sipping on their wine. Simply pop it into your butler’s pantry, close the door and worry about it later! If you don’t have the space to incorporate a butler’s pantry, we have a great solution of using a pocket door system that is built into your main kitchen design. When the doors are closed the system blends in perfectly with the rest of the kitchen.

Indoor/Outdoor Living

This trend is gaining popularity due to its incredible benefits of adding space and function to homes. Having spaces that merge perfectly into each other from being indoors to outdoors. Some people even incorporate a kitchen to their outdoor entertainment spaces! However, the layout of your kitchen can to these outdoor areas can create the feeling of seamless fusion between the two.

Storage Solutions

From your braai utensils to your potjie pots, these items can take up a fair amount of space in your kitchen! Having clever storage solutions such as utensil organisers and deep drawers that can take the weight of heavy pots and pans is essential. Incorporate enough storage into your kitchen design so that you can store everything in one place.

Saying Hello to South African Summer

Create your dream home for the warmer months

As the chilly winter months are coming to a close, we are looking forward to a hot summer filled with braai’s, swimming, sport and snacking on a cheese platter with friends outside. If you are thinking about building the kitchen of your dreams and want to align this with a South African lifestyle, be sure to take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration.

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Open Plan Design

a term used in architecture and interior design that refers to a floor plan that makes the most out of large and open spaces

Keep it Tidy

a butler's pantry is perfect to clear the mess away before guests arrive

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Patio Wood Luxury

Indoor/Outdoor Living

a design trend allowing for the merge of indoor and outdoor spaces

Storage Solutions

store away all utensils and appliances when not in use with customisable storage solutions

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