An inside look at our project with Tian and Yolanda

An inside look at our project with Tian and Yolanda

An inside look at our project with Tian and Yolanda

We have recently finished a project in one of South Africa’s oldest towns, Stellenbosch. The town is synonymous with wine, food, art and culture which has a direct influence on the design of homes and interior spaces in the area. This project had a pared-back approach that still champions heritage and craftsmanship, which has a modern approach to the traditional aesthetic of the region. Our designers, Tian and Yolanda, worked closely with the client to ensure that we went above and beyond to meet their expectations.

The brief started off with an extensive list of what the client wanted to complete in their home including a variety of freestanding classic pieces and a large pizza oven. However, after working through the scope of work that needed to be completed on the project the design was quickly re-evaluated to include items that were in line with the overall design theme and objective.

The vision for the home was to maintain a neutral colour tone throughout, with only two colours being chosen for each space. A soft, off-white was chosen for the majority of the kitchen and scullery with reeded glass and a rich, dark green colour for the island which gives the space an eclectic feel. The island is accentuated through the addition of solid oak legs made by the talented team at Craft Furniture which becomes a talking point of the kitchen. The countertop of the island sets itself apart by having a marble-look worktop as opposed to the white counters with a Victorian lip profile to the edges that are used through the rest of the kitchen.



Oak is a consistent feature material that we chose to use in the other areas of the home such as the wine bar, which showcases oak veneer shelving illuminated with LED lighting. The oak shelving stands out against the dark charcoal to enhance the visual result of the interior cupboards. Craft Furniture made the space feel warm and inviting with their addition of a natural oak countertop in the wine bar.



Opposite to the wine bar, the gin bar showcases a beautiful bone coloured onyx countertop from Womag with wall cladding to bring through an opulent element. Brass elements such as shelving and aged brass handles emphasise the different finishes chosen throughout the overall project.


This project was fun and exciting for us as we got to work with one of our partner companies, Craft Furniture. The neutral design vision afforded us an opportunity to create visual interest in the finishes that were chosen. If you are looking for a design team that works closely with you to turn your dreams into reality, give us a call on 021 762 9253 or send us an email at


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