How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area For Summer

It’s summer and we’re so excited to spend more time outdoors! Here are a few tips on how to create a fantastic outdoor entertaining area.

South African culture is based on family, friends and food. This all comes together in the quintessential South African pastime of a braai. Creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area has become an essential part of the home in an effort of providing a space for our loved ones to feel comfortable and at home. If you’re in the process of reshaping your outdoor living and entertaining area, here are a few tips from us. 

Creating an Epic Outdoor Entertainment Area

Outdoor Kitchen

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The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

There is nothing better than having everyone around for a braai. Creating a practical outdoor kitchen area is fantastic for the warmer months. It means that you don’t have to keep running back inside to fetch things for the braai, you can simply prepare everything outside and keep the conversation flowing with your guests. Consider having a built-in braai with added storage for utensils, briquettes and wood so that everything is neatly packed away while still being accessible.

Create Intimate Zones

Intimate zones

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Establish separate zones such as a fire pit or dining area for guests to naturally gravitate towards during different times of the day. Having a lounge area outside is lovely for the beginning of the evening while a fire pit is perfect for when the evening air becomes a bit cooler. An outdoor dining area acts as an excellent complementary zone to an outdoor kitchen. It also means that you can maximise the beautiful summer weather by spending as much time as possible outside.
Comfort Outside

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Find Comfort Outside

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Great outdoor furniture is essential! Creating a comfortable lounge or dining area relies heavily on the furniture you decide on. It’s important to choose pieces that will last through the ever-changing seasons of the year. This allows you to have peace of mind about leaving your furniture pieces outdoors during the rainy months.

Utilise Strategic Storage Solutions

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Strategic Storage

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Create a seamless and neat outdoor area by utilising built-in storage solutions for items such as your pool cleaning equipment, extra cushions or gardening tools. This means that there is less to clean up when you’re expecting guests. Having built-in joinery creates a strong and sturdy storage solution for all of your outdoor needs.
Lighting subtle luxury

Consider Lighting

Don’t leave your guests in the dark as the sun sets on a long, hot, summer day! Lighting can make an incredible statement and change the mood of your outdoor area significantly. The lights that you choose to go for, depends entirely on the style and budget of your project. You could choose to go for downlights, string lights, wall sconces or uplights to illuminate your garden. Ultimately, lighting can be a clever trick in creating the right ambience for your space.
Recreating your outdoor area is so much more than ticking a box, it’s about curating an area for memories to be made and for friends and family to indulge in delicious food and captivating conversations.

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